The one who does not foresee the distant exposes oneself to future misfortunes

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Geneva Intelligence’s activities are focussed on one specific objective: to obtain and deliver information that will make a difference.

On a day-to-day basis, our team members divide their time between carrying out research using databases and other online sources and engaging directly with various specialists. The information that we gather is processed, analysed and presented in a way that enables our clients to make informed decisions.

  • Strategic monitoring ×
  • The environment in which organisations operate is vast and complex. It includes competitors, customers, suppliers, consumers, institutions, media, political authorities and regulatory frameworks. By implementing the right processes and tools that collect and analyse information, organisations can monitor in real time the various changes and evolutions in the surrounding environment. This type of information can be crucial for decision-making, developing strategies and growing your business.

  • Business investigations and due diligence ×
  • Are you seeking to develop a business relationship with a new partner or to recruit an employee for a key position? To prevent potential operational or reputational risk, Geneva Intelligence conducts investigations on individual or legal entities using tools and methods that deliver thorough and reliable information.

  • Research and analysis ×
  • Do you wish to take stock of your market or to consider new business opportunities? We analyse your environment according to multiple criteria and using different approaches. This may include the analysis of studies and media coverage, trade fairs and conferences, and the mobilisation of our network of contacts. The information is processed, analysed and presented with a clear goal in mind: to help you better understand the issues that concern you and facilitate strategic decision-making.

  • Audit and training ×
  • Every company has a process for capturing and distributing strategic information. Whether formal or informal, this process exists and requires constant improvement. Our team will help you optimise this approach. We assess and define the existing systems related to information processing and production, as well as distribution. We then identify areas for improvement and propose implementation and training sessions. Our extensive knowledge in various software and tools allows us to recommend the best solutions tailored to your structure.

Our resources, your results

Technical resources +

  • Specific software and tools for data collection and processing
  • Specialised databases
  • Online resources
  • Grey literature
  • Scientific articles

Human approach +

  • International and local network of professionals and experts
  • Trade fairs, conferences
  • Interviews
  • Site visit
  • Knowledge of different political, governmental and administrative institutions


Classic, text-based and concise format containing all the information related to the issue at hand


Creative use of graphic software and tools for displaying and transmitting information


Presented in an Excel format, the data is regularly updated to reflect the developments of the mandate and client preferences

Innovative formats

SaaS, web, RSS feeds, XPS, interactive, anything is possible...

About us

Geneva Intelligence is a Swiss firm, established in Geneva in 2013. Our mission is to deliver strategic information with high added value to facilitate decision-making.

Our team is both young and highly experienced. Our team of professionals have background in the legal, economic, financial and information sciences domains. We combine our knowledge and skills for each mandate that we are entrusted with. Our reach and expertise covers all global markets and businesses.



We play an active role at the HEG and support the training of future economic intelligence professionals in Switzerland. HEG


Our professional network is enhanced through the EEIE, a source of recruitment and training. EEIE

Swissintell +

We are members of the association's French-speaking and national committees, which represent and support professionals working in the fields of business intelligence, market research, analysis and strategic planning in Switzerland. Swissintell


As a sister company of the PR agency CPC, Geneva Intelligence benefits from valuable political and media support. This partnership gives us, and our clients, access to the agency’s full range of skills and talents. CPC




  • Geneva Intelligence SA
  • Case postale 75
  • 1211 Genève 12
  • T. +41 22 552 46 52
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