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Revealing data, deploying your projects

Our services

Tapping into new markets


We foster your commercial intelligence and your growth

  • Marketing and market intelligence: identifying business opportunities, prospects and calls for tender, creating prospect lists, identifying suppliers and partners;
  • Market study and analysis: identifying new markets, assessing market shares and critical success factors, analysing risks and obstacles to overcome;
  • Deciphering consumers’ expectations and needs, consumer trends, focus groups and surveys, identifying catchment areas;
  • Mapping networks and growth hubs: industry associations, think tanks and reflection groups, academic and/or industrial partners, government and administrative bodies, cultural organisations and interest groups, etc.

Competition and positioning studies


We foster your competitive intelligence and set you apart

  • Market and competitive intelligence: tracking competitors, analysing their visibility and communication campaigns, identifying new entrants and decrypting game-changing industry news;
  • Benchmarking your competitors: positioning, strategy and business model, financial performance, marketing and business practices and innovative projects;
  • Mapping competing networks: suppliers, distributors, prospects and clients, partners, business networks, etc.

Supporting tendering procedures


We foster your market intelligence in order to win tenders

  • Decrypting the manner of awarding contracts and the internal decision-making process;
  • Mapping the decision-making process and strategic players – contracting authorities, decision-makers and contracting authority assistance – to support the response;
  • Deciphering the subjects and commitments to be prioritised: identifying selection criteria not formalised in the tender and assessing the importance of each expectation.

Innovation consulting


We hone your forecasting intelligence to help you innovate

  • Technological and technical intelligence: identifying innovations, patents and research and development trends on a market or related industries, user innovation and user experience;
  • Mapping and benchmarking technological and sectoral innovations, identifying and analysing trends and possible partners.

Due diligence and compliance


We identify the risks associated with your business partnerships

  • Regulatory monitoring and compliance auditing: ensuring the compliance of your activities and analysing the risks associated with regulatory changes (KYC, LBA/AML, FINMA, FATCA, sanctions, etc.);
  • Due diligence: stakeholder reputation study (level 1-3 legal person)
  • CV background checks and KYC procedures.

Disputes and litigation


We provide pre-litigation investigations for legal proceedings

  • Evidence collection in the case of suspected fraud, unfair competition, anti-competitive practices, insider trading, corruption, etc.
  • Sourcing assets: identifying tangible and intangible property;
  • Searching for individuals.

Information risks


We identify any operational risks relevant to your business

  • Information management audit and recommendations to limit the risks of fraud;
  • Mapping and analysing vulnerabilities;
  • Combatting financial crime: identifying and analysing ecosystems linked to illicit trafficking.

Monitoring and reputation


We safeguard and build your reputation

  • Auditing and benchmarking of your media positioning: assessing your reputation in the media, your online presence and the impact of your communication compared with that of your competitors;
  • Mapping the media and your ecosystem of influencers;
  • Media and online monitoring: daily tracking of your presence in traditional and online media, identifying at-risk subjects and pre-empting crises;
  • Managing your e-reputation: right to be forgotten, link burying strategy, SEO and content creation.

Geopolitical and geoeconomic consulting


We increase your knowledge of international issues

  • Geopolitical and security monitoring: tracking developments and deciphering risks and opportunities;
  • Analysing the consequences of geopolitical and geoeconomic events on your market and your business activities;
  • Geographic mapping: representing territories, understanding challenges, decision-making support for ensuring the continuity of operational activities, investments and choosing locations within a country;
  • Assessing the risks specific to each country.

Protecting your supply chain


We support your import and export activities

  • Regulatory, standards and customs monitoring: detecting regulatory, legislative and administrative changes, certifications, customs constraints, international free-trade negotiations and trade wars having an impact on the export of goods and services;
  • Detection of risks which could weaken or disrupt the supply chain: natural or technological catastrophes, conflicts and political instability, accidents, social tension and demonstrations, etc.
  • Analysis and recommendations to adapt your commercial offers and products to regulatory, customs political, legal, environmental and social constraints;
  • Stakeholder mapping and identifying suppliers to minimise risks to your supply chain.

International business creation and development


We improve your territorial and cultural intelligence

  • Monitoring and assessment of the economic, political, legal and environmental situation of a country or geographical area to judge the appropriateness of an investment policy and external growth;
  • Sectoral and territorial analysis: identifying attractive geographical areas, economic and business challenges, economic opportunities, cultural practices and local consumption habits, openness of the country, the potential market and relevant engines for growth;
  • Mapping strategic economic centres, consumer hubs, centres of policy making, areas of instability and auspicious installation sites;
  • Detecting external growth targets to prepare an acquisition strategy;
  • Supporting your set up and development projects in Switzerland and overseas, identifying partners, establishing and developing local networks.

Our methodology

Revealing data, deploying your projects
Big data gives us access to a tremendous amount of information. We start with a blank sheet, as with origami, to give shape to the data collected, to reveal its meaning and to transform it into actionable, strategic information. Using the best artificial intelligence tools, our team guides you through this process to facilitate your decision-making and to enable your projects to reach their full potential.
The best search technologies
We use professional monitoring and search tools based on artificial intelligence.
Data decryption expertise
We process, analyse and cross-check all the data to provide you with clear and reliable information.
In-depth analysis of the strategic implications
We conduct in-depth analyses to provide practical recommendations which address your challenges.
Graphic analysis of deliverables
We develop visual tools to present information and to facilitate your decision-making.

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