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Our expertise is based on three fields of action

Our services

Mastering the strategic environment


We produce tailored strategic studies and analysis

  • Research and thematic analysis
  • Sector analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Risk mapping and analysis
  • Prospective studies
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Geopolitical and country risk studies
  • Benchmarks and comparisons

Due diligence and compliance


We understand what information is available and where it is located

  • Compliance & KYC
  • Background check
  • Due diligence
  • Business investigation
  • Litigation support & asset tracing

Information and reputation monitoringand reputation watch


Management of weekly, monthly or quarterly watches

  • Collection of relevant information
  • Real-time alerts, as soon as an article or key information is released
  • Creation of a newsletter in the chosen format (e-mail, report, presentation, etc.)

Information and reputation monitoring your supply chain


Assistance and setting up of a watch

  • Framing of the monitoring project, definition of the need
  • Identification of information sources and relevant keywords
  • Assistance in setting up the tool
  • Implementation, follow-up and creation of deliverables

Our methodology

Revealing data, deploying your projects
Big data gives us access to a tremendous amount of information. We start with a blank sheet, as with origami, to give shape to the data collected, to reveal its meaning and to transform it into actionable, strategic information. Using the best artificial intelligence tools, our team guides you through this process to facilitate your decision-making and to enable your projects to reach their full potential.
The best search technologies
We use professional monitoring and search tools based on artificial intelligence.
Data decryption expertise
We process, analyse and cross-check all the data to provide you with clear and reliable information.
In-depth analysis of the strategic implications
We conduct in-depth analyses to provide practical recommendations which address your challenges.
Graphic analysis of deliverables
We develop visual tools to present information and to facilitate your decision-making.

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