Our services

Both in Switzerland and internationally, our business intelligence firm places its intelligence, information gathering and investigation expertise, as well as its network, at the service of its Clients’ strategic issues.

Our expertise is based on three main activities

Competitive intelligence

Analytical studies

Strategic monitoring

Competitive intelligence

Are you contemplating a new partnership? An acquisition? Recruiting a talent? Or exploring a new business relationship? Whatever the stakes, Geneva Intelligence will help you make the right decision at the right time. Our compliance, due diligence and risk analyses will complete your assessment in detail.

Our investigation methods will also support you in the context of litigation or legal proceedings that require a particular insight into a situation.


  • Enhanced due diligence, reputational risk assessment
  • Compliance, KYC
  • Background check
  • Corporate investigations
  • Litigation support
  • Preparation and support of negotiations
  • Asset tracing

Analytical studies

Whether you seek to analyse your practices, delve deeper into a particular topic, get a better understanding of an industry’s dynamics or benchmark yourself against your competitors, Geneva Intelligence offers its technical expertise in information research, its tools and its networks, to reach relevant and insightful intelligence by optimising your time.

Our high value-added analytical studies contribute to a better understanding of your strategic environment, while improving your performance.

Strategic monitoring

Uncertainty is the only constant. Thus, intelligence is the starting point of any strategic activity because it allows to obtainstrategic information in real time such as new regulations, emerging trends, the evolution of one’s reputation or even insights into the latest developments in geopolitics or power relationships.


  • Management of recurring monitoring (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Support and implementation of a monitoring process, including:
    • Competitive and market evolutions
    • Reputation
    • Technology and innovations
    • Political, regulatory, legal changes
    • Media monitoring (press and social networks)

Our Clients’ challenges

Whether it is in the context of a merger / acquisition, a new partnership, the recruitment of a talent, the development of a new commercial offer or a monitoring unit, our Clients place their trust in us.

Thanks to the know-how and multi-sector expertise of our team, whose common denominator is an in-depth experience of economic intelligence, Geneva Intelligence supports its Clients in their challenges by providing them access to high value-added information and qualified recommendations in a timely manner.

Our Clients’ main challenges can be described as follows:

In which situations should you call on our services?

Competitive intelligence services

  • Merger and acquisition
  • New commercial relationship
  • Talent or top-level recruitment
  • Initial public offering
  • New partnership
  • Fraud
  • litiges et contentieux
  • Negotiation preparation

Analytical studies

  • Search for partners
  • Self-benchmarking against competition
  • Identification of best practices and process optimisation opportunities
  • International development strategy
  • Risk assessment related to an activity or a new strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Understanding of a sector’s dynamics

Strategic monitoring

  • Development and implementation of a monitoring unit
  • Management of a thematic, sectorial or reputational monitoring
  • Partial or complete stand-in for a monitoring manager